Emoji meanings of the symbols: Types of emojis and what do they mean

Emoji meanings of the symbols: Types of emojis and what do they mean, इमोजी क्या है – अर्थ , उपयोग : Ever since social media took over the world, conversations have turned into emojis in chats and emotions. No matter how many emotions a person may have in mind, graphical representations of everything have surfaced on the Internet.

Emoji meanings of the symbols: Types of emojis and what do they mean

No, we have more emoji than we feel. Some of these are such that even we humans do not know the hidden feelings behind them.

Emoji meanings of the symbols: Types of emojis and what do they mean

If you’ve ever wondered what an emoji is, and how the word is related (or unrelated) to its big brother emoticon, you’re in the right place. In the following sections, you’ll learn some really interesting facts about the two, what the different types of emoji are available, and what they mean.

Because understanding the meaning of an emoji is more important than knowing what an emoji is, here you’ll find all the relevant details, relevant answers, and some best practice tips.

What is emoji?

An emoji is a small digital photo or text used in electronic communication to express a thought or feeling, which we call an emoji. Which people message on WhatsApp. Because WhatsApp means you can explain something to someone using minimal text, so people always use emoji.

And with the use of emoji, anyone can explain anything to anyone. No matter how difficult it is, friends, if you are also telling something to someone and they do not understand, then you can also use emoji and explain them easily. Why Emoji You can use and share that emoji on any social media network on any social media network.

Meaning and usage of emoji

Nowadays there are many emoji available on the internet but we don’t know which emoji where to use, so now we will tell what is the use of which emoji and where we can use it as well as we can use those emoji as well. Huh. can do. What can we do. If you would know about the meaning of those emoji, then friends, let’s know about the meaning of emoji.

😂Face with Tears of JoyExtreme happiness or laughter
❤️Red HeartLove (red by default, but meaning is same for any color)
🤣Rolling on the Floor LaughingIntense or hysterical laughter
👍Thumbs Up SignWell done, good job, or approval
😭Loudly Crying FaceUncontrollable tears, perhaps due to sadness or joy
🙏Person with Folded HandsPrayer, thank you, and sometimes a high five
😘Face Throwing a KissKissing someone, or general expression of love
🥰Smiling Face with HeartsLove or affection
😍Smiling Face with Heart-EyesLove or adoration
😊Smiling Face with Smiling EyesPositive or happy
🎉Party PopperCelebration or congratulations
😁Grinning Face with Smiling EyesGlowing, beaming happiness
💕Two HeartsLove is in the air
🥺Pleading FaceAdoration, bashful, or pleading
😅Smiling Face with Open Mouth and Cold SweatRelief, nerves, or excitement
🔥FireHot or excellent
☺️Smiling FaceHappy or positive
🤦Face PalmFrustrated or dumbfounded
♥️Heart SuitLove
🤷ShrugIndifference or unknowing
🙄Face With Rolling EyesSarcasm or boredom
😆Smiling Face with Open Mouth and Tightly-Closed EyesGreat excitement or happiness
🤗Hugging FaceHugging (love and support) or jazz hands (enthusiasm)
😉Winking FaceJoking or being cheeky
🎂Birthday CakeCelebration
🤔Thinking FacePondering or questioning
👏Clapping Hands SignRound of applause in celebration
🙂Slightly Smiling FaceHappy, but often used ironically
😳Flushed FaceEmbarrassed, surprised, or flattered
🥳Partying FaceCelebration or joy
😎Smiling Face with SunglassesCool or confident
👌OK Hand SignOkay or correct
💜Purple HeartLove
😔Pensive FaceReflective or remorseful
💪Flexed BicepsStrength or fitness
SparklesPositive, happy, or celebration
💖Sparkling HeartExtra special love, sometimes playful
👀EyesShifty or sneaky, sometimes flirtatious
😋Face Savoring Delicious FoodCheeky, poking fun, or enjoying food
😏Smirking FaceMischievous or flirting
😢Crying FaceUpset or in pain
👉Backhand Index Pointing RightPointing to the right
💗Growing HeartLove or increasing affection
😩Weary FaceDistressed, drained, or deep enjoyment
💯Hundred Points Symbol100 percent approval
🌹RoseRomance or to be used on a special occasion
💞Revolving HeartsA whirlwind of love
🎈BalloonCelebration or congratulations
💙Blue HeartLove
😃Smiling Face with Open MouthHappiness
😡Pouting FaceAnnoyed or angry
💐BouquetAppreciation or happiness
😜Face with Stuck-Out Tongue and Winking EyeFun, joking, or cheeky
🙈See-No-Evil MonkeyHiding, cringing, or in disbelief
🤞Crossed FingersWishing luck
😄Smiling Face with Open Mouth and Smiling EyesGreat happiness
🤤Drooling FaceDesiring something or delirious
🙌Person Raising Both Hands in CelebrationCelebrating with hands in the air
🤪Zany FaceSilly, fun, or goofy
❣️Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark OrnamentEmphasized love
😀Grinning FaceElevated happiness
💋Kiss MarkA seductive kiss
💀SkullDeath or an extreme reaction to something
👇Backhand Index Pointing DownPointing down
💔Broken HeartGrief, loss, or longing
😌Relieved FaceContent or calm
💓Beating HeartLove
🤩Grinning Face with Star EyesAmazed, impressed, or excited
🙃Upside Down FaceSilliness, often used for irony or sarcasm
😬Grimacing FaceTense, nervous, or awkward
😱Face Screaming in FearShocked or scared
😴Sleeping FaceTired or bored
🤭Face with Hand Over MouthLaughter or cheekiness
😐Neutral FaceNeutral, irritated, or unamused
🌞Sun with FaceRadiant, happy, or positive
😒Unamused FaceAnnoyed, skeptic, or irritated
😇Smiling Face with HaloAngelic or innocent
🌸Cherry BlossomLove or to be used on a special occasion
😈Smiling Face With HornsCheeky, naughty, or mischief
🎶Multiple Musical NotesThree eighth notes, for singing or music
✌️Victory HandPeace or success
🎊Confetti BallCelebration or congratulations
🥵Hot FaceOverheating or flirty
😞Disappointed FaceDisappointed, upset, or remorse
💚Green HeartLove
☀️SunSunny, warm, or hot
🖤Black HeartLove or sorrow
💰Money BagMoney or wealth
😚Kissing Face With Closed EyesPuckering for a kiss
👑CrownRoyalty, success, or praise
🎁Wrapped GiftCelebration or surprise
💥CollisionExplosion, surprise, or excitement
🙋Happy Person Raising One HandWaving or asking a question
☹️Frowning FaceSad, concerned, or disappointed
😑Expressionless FaceBored, indifferent, or pausing to collect thoughts
🥴Woozy FaceDrunk, dazed, or confused
👈Backhand Index Pointing LeftPointing to the left
💩Pile of PooPoo, bad, or silliness
Check Mark ButtonApproval or verification

Imoprtant Point Of Emoji

  • For the first time, Emoji Day was celebrated in the year 2014.
  • In the year 2013, more than 600 million people used emoji.
  • Emoji was first used in Japan in the year 1999.
  • Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Android iOS All have different types of emoji designed because their design code is already set in that system.
  • Following the popularity of emoji in the years 2012 and 13, it was entered as the word emoji in the Oxford Dictionary in August 2013.
  • So far more than 2666 official emoji have been created and new ones keep coming as per the need.

Emoji keyboard shortcut

NameKeyboard Shortcut
Smile: )
Frown: (
Tongue: P
Grin: D
Wink; )
Confused Reverseo.O
Colon Three:3

25 Secret Meanings Of Popular Emoji


Where are emoji used?

You can use emoji anywhere, but most emoji are used when chatting on WhatsApp, while talking on Messenger or talking on Telegram. Friends, emojis are also being used nowadays on Twitter and other social media platforms because by using these emojis, we are easy to understand and users understand something easily through this emoji.

What does emoji mean?

A group of electronic images that show facial expressions through images.

More stars youth use emoji

About 90 percent of emoji users on Twitter and Facebook are age 20 and younger, and of that, 50 percent of emoji users on Twitter and Facebook are women.

Final Words

Emoji is made up of two words a and moji. In Japanese, E means picture and Moji means character. That’s why emoji are also called pictorial messages. WhatsApp has its own emoji designs that are displayed on all WhatsApp platforms.

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