All FNaF Characters Names And Pictures, Get The List Of All FNaF Characters Names With Their Pictures

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Toy Freddie is a brown bear animatronic, with a light belly and inner ears, top hat with black blouse and red hat and his eyes are blue, but will turn black when he is near or near your office. Head of Toy Animatronics.

All FNaF Characters Names

He is much fatter than Old Freddy. He has been active since night 1. After Toy Bonnie and Toy Cheeka, he will always leave the last stage. He would walk into the playing area and stand in the background, where he would be visible only with a flashlight.

Then, he will walk down the aisle, where he will first appear where Fox is standing, and if not then Flash will often walk right outside your door before coming to your office and standing to your right. If you see him, put on your Freddie mask until he’s gone.

All FNaF Characters Names And Pictures, Get The List Of All FNaF Characters Names With Their Pictures

All FNaF Characters Names

The All FNaF Characters Names are given in the list below,

FNaF 1 Characters
1Classic Freddy
2Classic Bonnie
3Classic Chica
4Classic Foxy
5Classic Golden Freddy
FNaF 2 Characters
1Toy Freddy
2Toy Bonnie
3Toy Chica
4Toy (Funtime) Foxy
5Toy Cupcake
7Balloon Boy
8Jay Jay
9Shadow (Toy) Bonnie
10Paper Buddy
11Withered Freddy
12Withered Bonnie
13Withered Chica
14Withered Foxy
15Withered Golden Freddy
16Shadow (Withered) Freddy
18Original/Unwithered Freddy
19Original/Unwithered Bonnie
20Original/Unwithered Chica
21Original/Unwithered Golden Freddy (un-confirmed)
FNaF 3 Characters
2Phantom Freddy
3Phantom Foxy
4Phantom Chica
5Phantom Mangle
6Phantom BB
7Phantom Puppet
8Shadow Phantom Freddy (un-confirmed)
9Shadow Cupcake (un-confirmed)
10Spring Bonnie
11Spring Freddy (un-confirmed)
12Golden Cupcake
13Paper Freddy
14Paper Bonnie
15Shadow Classic Freddy (un-confirmed)
16Withered Spring Bonnie (un-confirmed)
17Spring Endo
FNaF 4 Characters
1Nightmare Freddy
2Freddles (3)
3Nightmare Bonnie
4Nightmare Chica
5Nightmare Cupcake
6Nightmare Foxy
8Nightmare Fredbear
9Nightmare Mangle
10Nightmare BB
15Nightmare Endo
17 E ndoplush
18   Fredbear
19 New Spring Bonnie
20 Shadow Fredbear
21 Shadow Spring Bonnie
Sister Location  
1Circus Baby
3Funtime Freddy
4Bon Bon
5Funtime Foxy
9Little Joe
12Baby Head’s   
13 Ennard
14 Baby Endoskeleton
15 Ballora Endoskeleton
16 Freddy Endoskeleton
17 Bonnie Endoskeleton
18Foxy Endoskeleton
19Bidybab Endoskeleton
23Circus Pre-Ennard-Mask  
24Pre-Ennard-Mask Endoskeleton  
25Ennard Spaghettih
26 Darkp Springtrap
27Beta Funtime Freddy
28Spring Chica/Unknow Animatronic 
29Beta Funtime Foxy
1Scrap Baby
3Molten Freddy
5Rockstar Freddy
6Rockstar Bonnie
7Rockstar Chica
8Rockstar Foxy
9The Parrot
10El Chip
11Funtime Chica
12Funtime Cupcake
13Music Man
14Nedd Bear
15Mr. Hippo
16Happy Frog
17Pigptach (oink)
19Security Puppet
20Bucket Bob
21Mr. Can Do
22Mr. Hugs
23No. 1 Crate 
24Pan Stan
25Cleaning Bucket
27Candy Cadet 
28New Paperpals
29Lemonade Clown
30Fruit Punch Clown
31Gumball Swivelhands
32Neon Jukebox
33Prize King
34Egg Baby
35Unwithered Scrap Baby
37Minigame Puppet
38Scrap Baby Endoskeleton
39Unwithered-MoltenFreddy-Mask Endoskeleton
40Rockstar Endoskeleton
41Funtime Chica Endoskeleton
42Funtime Cupcake Endoskeleton
43Music Man Endoskeleton
The Silver Eyes
4Unwithered Theodore
5Unwithered Stanley
6Henry Suicide Bot
7Spring Bonnie Girlfriend/Where Carlton got springlocked 
The Twisted One’s
1Twisted Freddy
2Twisted Bonnie
3Twisted Chica
4Twisted Cupcake’
5Twisted Foxy
6The Wolf
7Twisted Endoskeleton
8Scrapped Bunny Animatronic
9Scrapped Bird Animatronic
10Scrapped Chimp Animatronic
11Scrapped Frog Animatronic
12Scrapped Dog Animatronic
13Their Unwithered versions
The Fourth Closet
1Grey Funtime Freddy (Expected)
2Withered Classic Chica (Expected)

FNAF Animatronics Pictures List

The main FNAF Animatronics are:

  • Freddy Fazbear
  • Bonnie
  • Chica
  • FoxyWithered Freddy
  • Withered Bonnie
  • Withered Chica
  • Withered Foxy

All FNaF Characters Names And Pictures

The FNaF Characters Names along with the images are given below read further to get All FNaF Characters Names And Pictures,

All FNaF Characters Pictures No 1


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All FNaF Characters Pictures No 2


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All FNaF Characters Pictures No 3


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New FNaF Characters

The toy was the third Freddy’s made in the Freddy’s franchise. He appears on stage with his friends, Toy Bonnie and Toy Cheeka. “They’ve spent a small fortune on these animatronics, uh, facial recognition, advanced mobility, they even let them move around during the day. Isn’t that neat? But most importantly, they’re all in some criminal database.” Huh.” Huh.” Tied, so that they could locate a hunter a mile away.

A Freddie is not needed, but we will count on him. Net Bear can be purchased on stage and is part of the normal melody. He has a red cap and a fountain under it, a brown body and pale brown on the muzzle and abdomen, and a tie. There is also a small electrical box behind him.

What Are All The Animatronics Names?

The following is a complete list of all the major animatronics that appear in the game:

  • Freddy Fazbear
  • Bonnie
  • Chica
  • Foxy
  • Toy Freddy
  • Toy Bonnie
  • Toy Chica
  • Mangle

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