How to Increase Watch Hours on YouTube Easily (9 Proven Ways) 9 Tips से Youtube वीडियो का Watch Time Increase करें

How to Increase Watch Hours on YouTube Easily (9 Proven Ways) 9 Tips से Youtube वीडियो का Watch Time Increase करें There may be many doubts when it comes to this article. We hope that after reading this article all doubts will be resolved. Let’s go to the article.

For many of us, 4,000 hours of viewing time (equivalent to about 20,000 minutes of viewing time per month) is a lofty goal. On my own channel, there are many videos with 15,000 views, however the channel did not reach the viewing time.

What Is YouTube Watch Time?

According to YouTube, we know that viewing time is the amount of time it takes a viewer to watch a video. Time allows you to see what the audience really sees.

How to Increase Watch Hours on YouTube Easily (9 Proven Ways)

How to Increase Watch Hours on YouTube Easily (9 Proven Ways) 9 Tips से Youtube वीडियो का Watch Time Increase करें

AdSense only pays $ 100. If so, the first $ 100 should have at least 2 to 2.5 lakh video views. But the first payment will start in the first or second month after this new update comes into effect. This is because your channel already has the first 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers viewing time.

After getting 4000 hours of viewing time and 4000 hours of watching time on the new channel you will definitely get 1000 subscribers. Because the hard work that needs to be done should only be done for the present.

There is another big advantage to this. When there was no restriction before this, no creator uploaded the content, monetization started, worked for a few months and then did not leave due to lack of money.

Plan and batch create your YouTube content

If you create a video that you like, you may not be able to search for that video on the Internet. Because the user and your thinking will be very different. That’s why you keep making videos, but the views don’t come.

How to increase viewing time if more shots are not coming. So you need to search for the most popular topic among the people or the most searched topic on YouTube.

Before creating the video, you should explore the keywords. How many online tools can you use to explore keywords for YouTube, so you know which keywords to use and how often you use keywords.

Create quality YouTube video content

If you want to increase the viewing time on your YouTube channel, then first you have to make the best poster of your YouTube channel, at least half of the time you spend on making videos. , For making

You won’t be able to watch your video unless people like the thumbnail of your video, the thermal of your YouTube video is to be made such that more and more people click on your video.

That is, on clicking, the video will start playing and on clicking, your video watching time will increase.

Have recognizable YouTube channel art and branding

YouTube’s algorithm is designed in such a way that if your video is of 15 minutes and if any user watch that video for 10 minutes then your video will reach more people and views and watchtime on your video will be very high.

But if the video is of 15 minutes and someone watches it for 5 or 10 minutes then your video will not be able to reach more people and you will not get views and watching time will also not increase.

Create an engaging YouTube intro

The best and best way to increase the watch time on YouTube channel is through quality content. Now whatever video you put on your YouTube channel, you focus on it and show your content to the people in the best way, when the viewers like your video then they will follow your channel. And will also watch other videos, which will increase the watch time of your YouTube channel.

Create a unique YouTube end card

To increase the viewing time of your video, first of all you have to pay attention to the title of the video, you have to keep the title of your YouTube video in such a way that people will be compelled to read and watch your video.

Include a quirky thumbnail

You need to make the thumbnail of your youtube video more attractive, and if someone sees your thumbnail, they should watch your video and you do not have to make your thumbnail so that the user thinks he is cheating on you. It is often seen that many YouTubers write things like this in their thumbnails to enhance the view.

Use YouTube Chapters

You should not go into the process of making a video with the intention of making a viral video. Some creators remove it, and it’s easy to be compatible only on YouTube. Stick to your posting schedule so that someday, you’ll have enough videos to get 4,000 hours in one video versus multiple uploads.

If you have become 500 subscribers then you can also do live streaming on your channel Now you can do live streaming on your channel Live streaming also increases your watch time a lot.

If you have a hundred people watching live for 1 hour, you can imagine how many hours of your viewing time would be needed for live streaming on your channel once or twice a week.

Increase Your YouTube Watch Time

Use Hastag in Videos: Using Hastag increases your chances of getting rankings in video search results and your video will get better views and better views will increase your viewing time while watching your video search.

Youtube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is a great way to increase your channel viewing time. To maximize your channel’s viewing time, you should now make the most of YouTube Analytics, and now you need to go to your YouTube channel and find out about YouTube Analytics.

Use your YouTube videos to see what topics people are watching on your YouTube channel and what keywords your YouTube viewers are looking for on your YouTube channel. Come and create your videos in those keywords

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How to increase 1000 subscribers on youtube?

You upload videos daily on your youtube channel and make videos on new topics, your 1000 subscribers will be completed very soon.

How to add facebook like box to blog

You must be wondering what will happen if you add Chrome. So I want to tell you that all you have to do is open YouTube in Chrome. Open your videos across YouTube. The longer you play your video, the sooner your 4000 hour viewing time will end.

How to increase viewing time?

The way to increase viewing time is to upload videos to your YouTube channel every day, your viewing time will run out very quickly.

Final Words

How to Increase Watch Hours on YouTube Easily (9 Proven Ways) 9 Tips से Youtube वीडियो का Watch Time Increase करें We hope all your doubts about this topic will be resolved. See you again in the next article Thank you.

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