How to fix Android Phone Heating Problem Permanently

How to fix Android Phone Heating Problem Permanently, how to stop phone from overheating, how to stop phone from overheating while charging, how to stop phone from overheating when playing games, How to Fix Android Phone Heating Problem Permanently: So what do you do? Take your phone out of your pocket… Take it out of your ear… You don’t care because it’s on fire.

It is also possible that you have just picked up the phone and suddenly got hot or slow for no reason or an error message appears on the screen.

In such a situation, the question arises whether it is normal for a mobile phone to heat up? The answer is yes. But there can be many reasons for this.

How to Fix Android Phone Heating Problem Permanently

One of the reasons could be hardware. The same hardware which is called the brain of your smartphone. The second reason is external to your device. We tell you what are some of these common things.

How to fix Android Phone Heating Problem Permanently

Here are the solutions that can solve the problem of Android devices overheating. In my opinion, the device can easily overheat due to excessive usage. Try to avoid them, and your knowledge of them helps you become better than your smartphone. let’s take a look.

If your Android phone is heating up, then first of all see which feature is heating up by using it. For example, many phones get hot during charging. Some phones get very hot during browsing and some phones get hot even during calling. At the same time, many phones also get hot when kept. ,

Along with this, also pay attention to where your phone is getting hot. The whole back panel is heating up, the bottom panel is heating up or the top is heating up. In many phones, the screen also starts heating up. The speaker grille gets hot while talking. Because whatever the complaint is, the problem can also be solved in the same way.

How to stop your phone from overheating

If your phone is getting hot while charging, then try charging it with another charger first. Not only this, try to change the power socket in which you are using the charger and connect the charging pin properly to the phone. If that still doesn’t solve the problem, you will need to replace the battery. Sometimes this problem also occurs due to old battery.

Avoid using clipboard for Android devices

As we all use different types of cases and covers to protect our phones/tablets. But somehow they are causing problem with our devices. Therefore, try to minimize its use in cases where the device requires adequate ventilation. Especially in summers, we should avoid using cases for our Android devices.

Scan for Android Virus

Overheating problem can be solved by Android virus scan. Since malware developers don’t want your device to function properly, they want the data. Keep checking your device regularly and check it once. Maybe try using some anti-malware apps for Android.

Charge the device properly

We should not overcharge our device or use it in low battery as this can cause the device to overheat and stop working. We have to charge it up to 80% during the day and fully charge it at night. This alleviates many of the problems we face with our devices. We have to use only the original charger for our smartphone.

Keep updating to the latest software versions

The old version of the software affects the performance of our devices in some way or the other. The updated versions help Android run faster and smoother, which can control the temperature of the device.

Give your device a rest

Since the human body needs rest once a day. Similarly, the device also needs to be rested once per day. So we have to restart the device or turn it off once to give it a rest for a while. This will help in the proper functioning of the device.

Avoid Multitasking

Our Android devices are designed for multitasking. But, we have to use it properly, only then it will work properly. We have to avoid multitasking and using different apps at the same time.

Try to play less heavy games

Most people use games with high graphics. These massive games can cause your device to overheat as is the processor. And RAM is working continuously. It will be hot on some level. It may even stop working for a while. So try to play lite game on your device to stay away from problems.

Clean up Junk Files

We have to keep cleaning junk files, cache etc. This will reduce the problem of overheating as it can cause problems for the CPU and RAM of your device. Regularly removing junk from your system will make it run faster and more efficiently.

Close unnecessary apps

In our Android device, some apps are running in the background and we do not even know. Apps running in the background heat up the device and also use up its battery. To stop unnecessary apps we have to keep checking the active apps option in our android.

Avoid watching high quality videos

Nowadays everyone is accustomed to watching videos online, trying to watch them in high quality, which consumes data and heats up our devices. Watching videos in low quality helps you reduce such problems.

Use phone cover

A major reason for the overheating of the smartphone is also the mobile cover. The effect of strong sunlight and hot environment also affects the mobile. Mobile covers also do not allow internal heat to escape and hinder the cooling of the phone. It is important to remove the phone cover from time to time and keep the smartphone under the fan when not in use.

Top Cooling Apps To avoid Overheating on android phone

Cooling Master – Phone Cooler

The main function of cooler master – CPU cooler

Features (Totally Free):

✔️ Real-time temperature monitoring
✔️ Dynamic overheating detection
✔️ One tap to cool down
✔️ Overheating prevention

Cooler Master

✔️ CPU Cooler
✔️ Phone Booster
✔️ Battery Saver
✔️ Junk Cleaner – Smart Cleaner.

 Cooler Master – CPU Cooler

✔️ CPU Cooler
✔️ Real-time CPU temperature
✔️ Battery saver, save the power of your mobile
✔️ Phone cleaner, boost clean Android phone
✔️ Speed booster, speed up your phone
✔️ RAM cleaner, memory cleaner
✔️ Cache cleaner

Why is my iPhone overheating?

  • You are using your phone all the time.
  • A certain software glitch.
  • Play demanding games.
  • Prolonged use of camera flash.
  • Running too many apps and using CPU excessively.
  • Location Services or GPS overuse.
  • Using highly demanding apps, video editors; Which puts a lot of pressure on the processor.
  • And as usual it gets hot during charging.
  • protective shell etc.

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What if the iPhone Overheats

If your iPhone 7 overheating or iPhone 6 overheating then it is a very serious problem. This particular problem can permanently damage your precious device. If it gets too hot, you’ll get a message on the screen that says “iPhone must cool down before use”.

If you want to use the device soon you have to turn off the device immediately and then move it to a cooler area then you have to wait for the device to cool down.

In the meantime a few things will happen with your iPhone;

  • iPhone will stop charging.
  • The display will turn black.
  • You are not getting any cell phone signal.
  • And the camera flash will be disabled.
  • Well, this can be really frustrating and your device will become unusable for some time. But apart from a temporary inconvenience, it is nothing more. You will not have any other problems with the device.

Measures to prevent mobile overheating

  • Charge the phone properly
  • Close unused app
  • Protect mobile from sun heat
  • Remove mobile cover
  • Keep app updated
  • Turn on airplane mode
  • Take a break from gaming
  • Do not use mobile while charging

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Final Words

Nowadays smartphone has become an important part of our everyday life. Be it making calls, sending mails, using the internet or making digital payments, nowadays we all depend on our smartphones for small and big tasks. Many times the smartphone starts heating up due to excessive use. The overheating of the smartphone can also be dangerous, it can also explode the battery of your phone.

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