Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life: Smartphone makers are constantly working to make the phone’s battery more powerful. In the last few years, we have seen that smartphone batteries are becoming more and more powerful. Now smartphones have also become more powerful than before, the display has increased, more apps have started coming, due to which the battery drains faster.

Tips to Boost Your Android Phone's Battery Life

When it comes to saving battery in a smartphone, there are many apps out there to save battery from running apps that just give you a general solution and help a lot with battery life. This happens because many apps are task-killers or RAM cleaners that kill background apps. If you really want to save battery in Android smartphone, then there are apps for that which save battery and do not affect other apps.

Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Your Android is a powerful device, but powerful output means powerful input. In other words, the more you use your device, the faster you are going to drain the battery, and the battery drains quickly on Android devices. This means you have to be proactive in managing your battery usage, otherwise you’ll find yourself without a phone unless you can find a charger. Here are some tips to keep your battery life as short as possible.

How to save phone battery? How to increase mobile battery?

Turn off Wi-Fi – Most Android devices include a Wi-Fi radio, so you can take advantage of faster Internet speeds when you’re within range of a Wi-Fi network. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi has its downsides. This is not a secure connection, so you can’t access some services until you turn it off.

But most of all it quickly drains your battery even when the phone is idle. To avoid this, turn on Wi-Fi only when you need extra speed. Also, avoid apps that automatically detect Wi-Fi signals. They can drain your battery and you won’t even know.

Lower the screen brightness – A screen needs a lot of power to stay lit, and the brighter it is, the more battery it drains. One of the best ways to reduce battery usage is to turn down the screen brightness until you no longer need it. You want full brightness when you’re watching a video, but if you’re just messaging using other non-graphical apps, you can save battery by turning the brightness down to the lowest setting.

Limit applications that automatically check for updates – Android provides an ideal environment for social networking. It’s easy and fun to use services like Facebook and Twitter through Android applications. The drawback is that you have to set the app to update automatically if you want to receive regular updates from your friends.

The more times your device accesses the network, the more battery it will drain. Therefore, it is important to visit the options screen of each application and make sure that it is not checking for updates frequently. Even once an hour will strain the battery for a whole day. Setting apps to only update manually is best for battery life.

Access the network only when you need it – even if you have a limited number of apps that automatically check for the Internet, your Android is still active and checking most of the time. This is part of the reason why you may see significant battery drain even if the phone has been lying idle in your pocket for hours. An application in the market called JuiceDefender helps in this regard.

It notices when you are not actively checking the network and it closes the connection automatically. Once you activate again it turns back on. This application is available for free in the Android Market.

Word of warning on Task Idle – There are many applications in the Android Market that claim to save battery life by closing unused applications. It may sound useful, but because of the way Android is programmed, these applications don’t help much. Inactive applications that don’t check the Internet for updates usually don’t put much strain on the battery, so a task killer means another application is open and active.

Better Battery Life for your Android Phone! Quick and Easy Tips

In the olden days people could use their mobile for many days without charging once. But nowadays, with the added features in mobile phones, it has become difficult to last the whole day on a single charge. Phones today are equipped with large color screens, different types of wireless connections, cameras and music players, among many others. It’s very hard for that tiny phone battery to keep pace with all the changes. I will try to help you guys in your quest for better battery life on your Android device.

The best way to make your device last longer is to turn off all unused connectivity options. This includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and most importantly 3G. Unless absolutely necessary, turn them off as much as possible. There are many different applications available in the market to help you manage the connections I will get to later.

Avoid using your phone as a music player. Mp3 players have become very cheap these days; Do not use your phone as your music device. You’ll get a better music experience when you step outside of your Android devices and you won’t regret it when you really only need to use your phone to drain your battery because you’ve tried the new Lady Gaga was left on repeat.

Turn off Haptic Feedback: Using vibration on your phone too often can affect your battery. It’s a fun option but it’s also one you can live without.

Turn off or change the setting on applications that need to be constantly connected to the network to refresh data. It’s great fun to have live scores of your favorite sports, hourly horoscope updates, Facebook status updates, latest tweets on your Twitter account and weather updates every 15 minutes; But you need to avoid running them all as much as you can.

Keep whatever you think is necessary; If you only need to read your horoscope once a day, change the update cycle. If you have 5 different Twitter accounts, merge them into just one. They are just simple little things that can greatly affect the battery life on any Android device connected to a cellular network.

Here are some very useful applications that can help you with your battery problem

Power Manager: This very useful jewel available in the market will let you assign profiles to your device based on different conditions. This will let you customize several different options based on how much battery life your device has left or what power source it is running on. Not free but worth every single penny, I still wonder why there is no mobile operating system that comes with so many options like this app.

Advanced Task Manager: Available for free or for a price, I mentioned this in my other article but it also does a great job at saving battery life. It will automatically close applications for you so that they do not run in the background. You must have it.

Best 15 tips to extend the battery life of your Android smartphone

  • Start by deleting apps you haven’t used in months
  • Disable background app data for all non-essential apps
  • Don’t obsessively close apps
  • Disable notifications for most apps
  • Tell your phone to check for new email less frequently (iOS)
  • Turn off location services / reporting
  • Turn off auto brightness and dim the screen
  • Turn off vibrations
  • Turn down sleep / auto-lock duration
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Use dark backgrounds on Samsung or Motorola phones (Android)
  •  Don’t worry so much about fully charging and fully depleting your battery
  • Pay attention to signal strength
  • Use battery saver (Android)
  • Airplane mode


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