Quick Sort in PHP

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Quick sort algorithm was developed using the divide and conquer approach and it comes under the comparison algorithm category. This is also known as partition-exchange sort.

This algorithm splits the array into two sub-arrays based on the pivot position and performs the sort operation recursively till there are no more sub-arrays exist. Quick sort is the easiest way of sorting technique, but it’s not efficient on large data sets.

  • First element of the array
  • Last element of the array
  • Random element of the array
  • Median index element of the array
Quick Sort in PHP

Quick Sort in PHP

function quick_sort($my_array)
	$loe = $gt = array();
	if(count($my_array) < 2)
		return $my_array;
	$pivot_key = key($my_array);
	$pivot = array_shift($my_array);
	foreach($my_array as $val)
		if($val <= $pivot)
			$loe[] = $val;
		}elseif ($val > $pivot)
			$gt[] = $val;
	return array_merge(quick_sort($loe),array($pivot_key=>$pivot),quick_sort($gt));
$my_array = array(53, 25, 36, 75, -48, 62, 19);
echo 'Original Array : '.implode(',',$my_array).'\n';
$my_array = quick_sort($my_array);
echo 'Sorted Array : '.implode(',',$my_array);

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Output of Quick Sort in PHP

Original Array : 53, 25, 36, 75, -48, 62, 19
Sorted Array : -48, 19, 25, 36, 53, 62, 75


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