How to remove and fix ghost window issue in Windows 11

How to remove and fix ghost window issue in Windows 11: Since the rollout of Microsoft Windows 11, users are facing some problem or the other. If you look at the latest problems of users, Windows 11 is warning users that some features of the operating system are not loading.

According to tech giant Microsoft, features like Snipping Tool, Touch Keyboard, Emoji Panel and others in Windows 11 may not load properly due to expired certificates.

How to remove and fix ghost window issue in Windows 11

The company has rolled out a patch to fix the problem but it is only available for preview for now. This means that users will have to manually download and install the patch on their PC. According to the company, this patch is KB5006746.

It will fix the touch keyboard, voice typing and emoji panel along with the Input Method Editor user interface and Getting Started and Tips section of the operating system. To download the patch, users can go to the Windows Update section in Settings.

Remove ghost window without restarting computer

To restart your PC to fix the issue, follow the means underneath to eliminate the apparition window when it shows up.

  • Close any open File Explorer windows.
  • Open the Task Manager by squeezing Ctrl+Shift+Esc on the console.
  • On the Processes tab, look down the rundown of running cycles until you find the Windows Explorer process.
  • Select the Windows Explorer cycle and tap the Restart button at the base right corner of the Task Manager window.

Permanently fix ghost window issue

To keep the apparition window from showing up, you can switch off the Search gadget by following the means underneath.

  • Right-click the taskbar and select Taskbar settings.
  • Grow the Taskbar things choice while possibly not currently extended.
  • Click the Search flip to change it to the Off Windows 11 switch in Off position.The Search gadget symbol vanishes from the taskbar, keeping the Search gadget window from showing and possibly making the phantom window show up.

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Final Words

Windows 11 Stuck on Restarting? No worries, boot PC in safe mode to exit infinite restart loop on Windows 11. Although Windows 11 performs well in many ways. However, like any previous version, Windows 11 also has some bugs.

It has been reported that many users have experienced problems with their computers getting stuck in a reboot loop. Whenever the user’s PC starts up, it automatically restarts continuously, preventing the user from going to the login page.

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