How to Change Voice During Calls | Male/Female Voice Changer 2024 By Technical Masterminds Game

How to Change Voice During Calls | Male/Female Voice Changer 2024 By Technical Masterminds Game: Voice conversion application during a call. Are you planning a phone short for a friend and looking for apps that allow you to hide your voice? Mobile Phone? No problem, you’re in the right place now!

In fact, with today’s guide, I’ll show you some how to install voice calling applications on Android and iOS, and explain how to use them.

How to Change Voice During Calls

How to Change Voice During Calls | Male/Female Voice Changer 2024 By Technical Masterminds Game

Call Voice Switcher This is the best utility for changing voice during calls for Android and iOS. It allows you to make calls in real time and change the tone of your voice, with the ability to add a lot of sound effects.

It offers free and 2 minute trial calls followed by 1.09 minutes for 3 to 43.99 calling minutes. Up to 170 can make in-app purchases.

First, download and launch Call Voice Changer on your device and on the main screen of the app to start and simulate the rally call and learn about the various effects available.

When done, you can choose how to set the tone of your voice by pressing one of the options available in between Low, High, Low y High, you can touch the option to install your actual voice normally.

Once you know the demo version, you can make your first call by editing the entry. On the main call voice converter screen, then dial the call number, otherwise tap the icon to select a contact from the book phone book, then press the green button to start the call and select the initial tone of your voice Low, High, Low, High y Normal.

During the call, you can change the tone of voice and apply the effects seen above, at the same time you need to press the red button to complete the call Final Calls.

To purchase more minutes, touch the item Buy Now and select one of the available options at the top right. Instead press the option to take more steps and ganar free minutes.

How to Change Voice During Calls Funcall (Android / iOS)

1. Change voice to female
2. Change voice to male
3. Talk like a cartoon
4. Choose Normal Voice option to make a normal call

Another valid application for making calls by changing your voice is Funcall, which is available for Android devices and iOS.

It allows you to change your voice by choosing between four different tones and apply multiple effects during the call Record full phone call.

To use the app on your device, download and install it, and then touch the option to hear the available voice tones of the voices Choose between Helio, female, man y scary. Before calling, you can press the green button to simulate a free demo call and find all available sound effects (eg cat, mu, dog, pedo, M16, wolf, eye, mono, zones of fear y your mom).

This time, you’re ready to make your first phone call by changing your voice! On the Funcall main screen, type the phone number to call in the field Enter the number above, otherwise touch the book to access the contacts in your address book.

If you want to record a call, move the joystick off the top five ON article Press the record call button below to start the blue ear phone call.

You can download Funcal for free, you have 50 seconds of free calls, after which you can buy a minimum of 1.09 euros to 3 minutes and a maximum of 21.99 euros per 100 minutes.

There is also a charge for the call registration process: you can purchase 4 logs (0 1.09), 10 logs (29 2,29) or 1000 logs (, 5.49). Buy more time you can make in-app purchases by pressing the item.

How to Change Voice During Calls Features –

  • Real-time voice changer during call.
  • Choose from – helium balloon, scary, funny, man.
  • Add animal sound effects with your call.
  • VoIP calls to make it easier to connect from anywhere.
  • Download your recorded voice and share it with others.

How do I change my voice from male to female?

If you are a great voice artist and can transform your male voice into a female voice, I think it will be easy to make fun of your friends by phone call, they will not understand who you are. This way, you can make naughty phone calls.

However, unless you are a professional singer, changing the male voice to female voice, baby voice, foreign voice, celebrity voice or any other voice / pitch is not an easy task. So, you can try some voice changer apps opportunity to change your male voice to feminine and other pitches / tone.

Voice Changer Voice Recorder – Handy Tools Studio

With this application, you can not only choose to use the voice of your favorite superhero, but also sound like an alien, robot, animal and more. You can sing and record music with one of its voice filters, edit and then share.

In other words, you can use this app pretty much like an autotune to sound like one of the best singers by using the effects, such as choir, turntable, studio reverb, theater, show, among others. Follow this link to download this app.

Funcalls – Voice Changer & Call Recording

Overall, FunCall is a really great alternative to record your voice, certainly deserving a spot in our list. It works even during phone calls, letting you record all of them if you choose, making it one fo the best call recording apps for Android

It is extremely simple to use and lets you hear and try out all the different effects for free, but it doesn’t offer as many options as some of the other apps on this list. Even so, it is worth checking it out by going to the Play Store.

Voice Changer App During Call on iPhone & Android with PC

Best Male to Female Voice Changer Apps for iPhone and Android

  • Girls Voice Changer
  • Voice Changer Voice Recorder Editor & Effect
  • VoiceFX
  • Voice Changer
  • Voice Changer – Audio effects
  • Magic Call App
  • Voice Changer and Sound Recorder
  • Super Voice Editor
  • Voice Changer with Effects
  • Voice Changer – Girls Voice changer Male to Female

Final Words

How to Change Voice During Calls | Male/Female Voice Changer We hope you find the article useful and will see you in the next article.

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