Free Fire V Badge: What Is It, How To Get It & More (5th March 2024)

Free Fire V Badge: What Is It, How To Get It & More (5th March 2024), फ्री फायर वी बैज: The developer of Garena Free Fire introduced V Badge in-game for players. This badge is available to players from OB25 inside the game. It can only be used with partners. This is displayed on their profile which is unique for all the players.

Free Fire recently announced V badge after their latest update. Which is visible on the profiles of some selected players. After getting it, the players get a different identity. But getting it is not so easy. This V badge has been kept in limited numbers for different regions. Some minimum standards have also been kept for this. Only those users who complete this will be given this badge.

Free Fire V Badge: What Is It, How To Get It & More

Free Fire V Badge: What Is It, How To Get It & More (5th March 2024) | Requirements for the Free Fire V Badge

Players get a professional advantage if they use V Badge. In addition, Garena includes a limited number of badges for players. Well, in this article, we are going to look at how to get V Badge in Free Fire, eligibility, and other minor details.

To get this badge, the user must first have a YouTube channel. Which has more than 1 lakh subscribers. The second condition is that in the last 1 month, up to 80% of the content on this channel should be related to Free Fire. At the same time, 3 lakh or more people have watched this video in the last one month. Apart from all this, your channel should be like a professional account. Who has a good reach on social media etc.

Players who meet all these criteria can apply for this partnership program. After the partnership, Free Fire has also been said to give many benefits to those users. In which, game rewards such as diamonds and room cards are included. At the same time, apart from this, players who have some V badges will also be given cash rewards from the company.

Apart from this, information about events, championships etc. will also be given to these users before the rest. So that they can prepare in advance for the upcoming event. Many redeem codes will also be given to these players. Which they can give as a giveaway to the viewers coming to their channel. With these features in this manner, it will be much easier for the players who get this V badge to move ahead in the gaming arena. To apply for this badge, click here.

To receive the V Badge in Free Fire, players must join the Partner Program. The information is given below

  • Free Fire has 100K subscribers with 80% of content creators on YouTube in the last 30 days.
  • The content is strictly subject to the policy.
  • At least 300K channels watched in last 30 days with quality content published on social media.
  • The ultimate desire to work hard and grind.

Free Fire V Badge Highlights of this program

According to the official website, players must meet certain conditions for the Free Fire Partnership Program. After completing all the required procedures, you get a V Badge. Players who join the Free Fire Partner Program get many more benefits in addition to the V Badge. This includes in-game rewards, diamonds, custom rooms, codes for giveaways, and more.

How to apply Free Fire V Badge?

Apart from this, such members who have more than 5 million subscribers on social media channels and more than 95 percent of the posts on those channels are related to Free Fire, then they also get financial incentives.

Players can apply for the Free Fire Partner Program by filling out a questionnaire on the official website. Although the application window for this program is currently closed, but when it is open, you can apply and get all its benefits with the V Badge.


Garena Free Fire Redeem Code Today India Server is a 8 person extraordinary code that will be utilized exclusively for Android and iOS. You can apply the Redeem Code delivered today to Get Free Items in your portable game. By utilizing this code you can get free in-game highlights like Gun Skins, Diamonds, and Elite Pass. New characters may likewise be opened in some adolescent games.

Verified (V) Badge Golden Color Code[b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Red Color Code[b][c][ff0000]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Pink Color Code[b][c][ff00ae]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Violet Color Code[b][c][b400ff]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Blue Color Code[b][c]0600ff]Ⓥ 
Verified (V) Badge Green Color Code[b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Yellow Color Code[b][c][FFFF00]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Orange Color Code[b][c][ff9c00]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Light blue Color Code[b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Parrot green Color Code[b][c][bfff6d]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Scarlet blue Color Code[b][c][00c6ff]Ⓥ 

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Garena Free Fire Redeem Code Details

The Rewards Redemption site was released in July 2021 by Garena Free Fire. In which you can Redeem the Redeem code by registering.

Players playing Garena Free Fire game are being given new special rewards like Characters, Diamonds, Pets, Weapons, Coins etc through Free Fire Redeem Code.

Free Fire Yellove V Badget Name Code

If you want to write in Yellow color then copy this code

[b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ[i][FFFF00] Your Name

Blue V Badget Name code

If you want to write in Blue Color then you can copy this code

[b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ[i][0000FF] Your Name

How to earn VIP V Badge in Free Fire || New Awesome Freefire Tutorial Tip

Final Words

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