Ecommerce Site in PHP with Source Code

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E-commerce in PHP has all the essential features required. In this e-commerce with PHP, the user can comment on every product he / she wants. In this E Commerce PHP Framework project, all the main functions are performed by the administrator.

Ecommerce Site in PHP with Source Code

Ecommerce Site in PHP with Source Code

Ecommerce has become an integral part of the modern business landscape. With the rise of online shopping, it is essential for businesses to have an online presence. An ecommerce site allows businesses to sell their products and services online, making it easy for customers to purchase from anywhere, at any time. Developing an ecommerce site can be a daunting task, but using PHP, it can be made simple and straightforward. In this article, we will discuss how to create an ecommerce site in PHP with source code.

Project Name:Ecommerce Site with Admin Panel
Language/s Used:PHP, JavaScript
PHP version (Recommended):5.6.3
Type:Website, Web Application


  • Customer Login/Register
  • Admin Panel
  • Add-To-Cart system
  • Product categories
  • Product filter system
  • Payment system
  • Manage admin
  • View customer’s order details
  • Manage product for website
  • List brand names and categories
  • List customer’s details

Ecommerce Site in PHP with Source Code

How to Run?

  • Download the zip file.
  • Download and install XAMPP
  • Run the XAMPP control panel and start MySQL and Apache
  • Move the project folder to the “htdocs” folder (not the separated .zip file)
  • Open “http: // localhost / phpmyadmin” and create the database given in the “Login Details & Project Info” file.
  • Click New to create a database.
  • Name the database sourcecodester_leavedb.
  • Click Import to import the sql file.
  • Click Select File and select the file in the leave folder

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Can I create an ecommerce site in PHP without any experience?

While it is possible to create an ecommerce site in PHP without any experience, it is recommended to have some basic understanding of the language and web development before attempting to build a site.

What are some popular frameworks and libraries for creating ecommerce sites in PHP?

Some popular options include Laravel, CodeIgniter, and Yii.

Can I use a different language to create an ecommerce site?

Yes, there are many languages that can be used to create an ecommerce site, including Python, Ruby, and JavaScript.

Final Thoughts

Ecommerce Site in PHP with Source Code We hope this article solves all your doubts. If in doubt let me know.

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