How to Create a Calendar in Html using JavaScript

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The calendar is comprised of a parent div with 3 main components inside of it. The first 2 components being the dropdowns for the months and another for a given range of years.

How to Create a Calendar in Html using JavaScript

Create Calendar in Html using JavaScript


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, shrink-to-fit=no">
    <!-- Bootstrap CSS -->
    <link rel="stylesheet" href=""
          integrity="sha384-9gVQ4dYFwwWSjIDZnLEWnxCjeSWFphJiwGPXr1jddIhOegiu1FwO5qRGvFXOdJZ4" crossorigin="anonymous">

<div class="container col-sm-4 col-md-7 col-lg-4 mt-5">
    <div class="card">
        <h3 class="card-header" id="monthAndYear"></h3>
        <table class="table table-bordered table-responsive-sm" id="calendar">

            <tbody id="calendar-body">


        <div class="form-inline">

            <button class="btn btn-outline-primary col-sm-6" id="previous" onclick="previous()">Previous</button>

            <button class="btn btn-outline-primary col-sm-6" id="next" onclick="next()">Next</button>
        <form class="form-inline">
            <label class="lead mr-2 ml-2" for="month">Jump To: </label>
            <select class="form-control col-sm-4" name="month" id="month" onchange="jump()">
                <option value=0>Jan</option>
                <option value=1>Feb</option>
                <option value=2>Mar</option>
                <option value=3>Apr</option>
                <option value=4>May</option>
                <option value=5>Jun</option>
                <option value=6>Jul</option>
                <option value=7>Aug</option>
                <option value=8>Sep</option>
                <option value=9>Oct</option>
                <option value=10>Nov</option>
                <option value=11>Dec</option>

            <label for="year"></label><select class="form-control col-sm-4" name="year" id="year" onchange="jump()">
            <option value=1990>1990</option>
            <option value=1991>1991</option>
            <option value=1992>1992</option>
            <option value=1993>1993</option>
            <option value=1994>1994</option>
            <option value=1995>1995</option>
            <option value=1996>1996</option>
            <option value=1997>1997</option>
            <option value=1998>1998</option>
            <option value=1999>1999</option>
            <option value=2000>2000</option>
            <option value=2001>2001</option>
            <option value=2002>2002</option>
            <option value=2003>2003</option>
            <option value=2004>2004</option>
            <option value=2005>2005</option>
            <option value=2006>2006</option>
            <option value=2007>2007</option>
            <option value=2008>2008</option>
            <option value=2009>2009</option>
            <option value=2010>2010</option>
            <option value=2011>2011</option>
            <option value=2012>2012</option>
            <option value=2013>2013</option>
            <option value=2014>2014</option>
            <option value=2015>2015</option>
            <option value=2016>2016</option>
            <option value=2017>2017</option>
            <option value=2018>2018</option>
            <option value=2019>2019</option>
            <option value=2020>2020</option>
            <option value=2021>2021</option>
            <option value=2022>2022</option>
            <option value=2023>2023</option>
            <option value=2024>2024</option>
            <option value=2025>2025</option>
            <option value=2026>2026</option>
            <option value=2027>2027</option>
            <option value=2028>2028</option>
            <option value=2029>2029</option>
            <option value=2030>2030</option>
<!--<button name="jump" onclick="jump()">Go</button>-->
<script src="scripts.js"></script>

<!-- Optional JavaScript for bootstrap -->
<!-- jQuery first, then Popper.js, then Bootstrap JS -->
<script src=""
<script src=""
<script src=""


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let today = new Date();
let currentMonth = today.getMonth();
let currentYear = today.getFullYear();
let selectYear = document.getElementById("year");
let selectMonth = document.getElementById("month");

let months = ["Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", "Jul", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec"];

let monthAndYear = document.getElementById("monthAndYear");
showCalendar(currentMonth, currentYear);

function next() {
    currentYear = (currentMonth === 11) ? currentYear + 1 : currentYear;
    currentMonth = (currentMonth + 1) % 12;
    showCalendar(currentMonth, currentYear);

function previous() {
    currentYear = (currentMonth === 0) ? currentYear - 1 : currentYear;
    currentMonth = (currentMonth === 0) ? 11 : currentMonth - 1;
    showCalendar(currentMonth, currentYear);

function jump() {
    currentYear = parseInt(selectYear.value);
    currentMonth = parseInt(selectMonth.value);
    showCalendar(currentMonth, currentYear);

function showCalendar(month, year) {

    let firstDay = (new Date(year, month)).getDay();
    let daysInMonth = 32 - new Date(year, month, 32).getDate();

    let tbl = document.getElementById("calendar-body"); // body of the calendar

    // clearing all previous cells
    tbl.innerHTML = "";

    // filing data about month and in the page via DOM.
    monthAndYear.innerHTML = months[month] + " " + year;
    selectYear.value = year;
    selectMonth.value = month;

    // creating all cells
    let date = 1;
    for (let i = 0; i < 6; i++) {
        // creates a table row
        let row = document.createElement("tr");

        //creating individual cells, filing them up with data.
        for (let j = 0; j < 7; j++) {
            if (i === 0 && j < firstDay) {
                let cell = document.createElement("td");
                let cellText = document.createTextNode("");
            else if (date > daysInMonth) {

            else {
                let cell = document.createElement("td");
                let cellText = document.createTextNode(date);
                if (date === today.getDate() && year === today.getFullYear() && month === today.getMonth()) {
                } // color today's date


        tbl.appendChild(row); // appending each row into calendar body.




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