Cookie Run Kingdom Will Finally Add Preset Feature to Save Their Kingdom Design

Cookie Run Kingdom Will Finally Add Preset Feature to Save Their Kingdom Design: An extraordinary new element to Save, Load, Restore, Empty, Store All your Kingdom format has been included rendition 2.9 update in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Cookie Run Kingdom Will Finally Add Preset Feature

This new element makes it a lot simpler to plan and save different designs of your realm and burden any of them in only 1 tap at whatever point you need! In this post I will direct you about how this new component functions. So how about we start.

Cookie Run Kingdom Will Finally Add Preset Feature to Save Their Kingdom Design

The absolute first thing you really want to do is tap the “Save” button in the first (default) space. This is vital since, in such a case that you unintentionally cleared everything in the first place (without saving) then you will not have the option to reestablish your ongoing design so ensure you do this! You will get 2 spaces for nothing and you can buy up to 3 additional openings utilizing precious stones and aurora things, so you can have up to most extreme 5 openings. Simply tap the “Add Slot” button and afterward “Purchase” to get extra openings.

How To Empty Your Kingdom Using “Store All”

It’s a lot simpler to plan and plan your realm when it’s vacant and fortunately now it very well may be finished in only couple of taps! Over the format presets button you will find one more new button which can be turned here and there.

Simply tap on this new button to initiate it and find another new button called “Store All” at base right corner. Utilizing it you can store every one of your structures, stylistic themes and tiles in only 1 tap to exhaust your realm.

New Cookie Run: Kingdom features teased in the Devsisters June 2022 live stream

  • Decoration Improvements
  • Better Production Management
  • Guild Battle is finally getting a full release
  • Improvements to PVP Modes
  • Added Benefits for New and Returning Players
  • New ways to Upgrade and Progress
  • More in-game content

In addition, players will also get several other updates such as:

  • Kingdom Arena Improvements
  • Guild Battle Full Release
  • Decor Stage Improvements
  • Care System for new and returning players
  • New upgrade systems
  • Balance Changes
  • Additional Sources of currencies and materials
  • Expanded use for cookies in various content
  • Mini-game events
  • Buffs for landmarks to remain while in storage
  • New PVP modes
  • New Achievements and enhanced fame system
  • Diversified battle difficulty
  • New Kingdom facilities
  • Easier production facility management

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