BOBA STORY LID CODES 8th December 2023

BOBA STORY LID CODES: Bubble tea, also known as boba, has taken the world by storm in recent years. With its unique blend of tea, milk, and chewy tapioca balls, it’s no wonder that boba has become a beloved drink among people of all ages. In order to make the boba experience even more exciting, some shops have started implementing boba story lid game codes.


What are Boba Story Lid Game Codes?

Boba story lid game codes are unique codes printed on the lids of boba drinks. When customers scan the code using their phone, they are directed to a game that they can play while enjoying their drink. The games can vary depending on the boba shop, but they typically involve collecting points or completing challenges.

  • Bee—1000
  • Blueberry Cow—4522
  • Brown Frog—3331
  • Butterfly—3110
  • Carousel—3441
  • Chick—2200
  • Cookie—1110
  • Crystal—1141
  • Cupcake—5000
  • Daisy Flower—1211
  • Fish—4000
  • Flower Pattern—2211
  • Green Dino—3132
  • Heart Pattern—4110
  • Ice Cream—1111
  • Jellyfish—1221
  • Ladybug—5100
  • Lilypad—4133
  • Mermaid Tail—1131
  • Moon—4512
  • Oreo—3100
  • Panda—3224
  • Peach—2000
  • Pig— 5010
  • Pineapple—4111
  • Pink Dino—3225
  • Pink Frog—4151
  • Puppy— 2110
  • Purple Cat—2221
  • Red Panda—2111
  • Rose—3000
  • Space—3215
  • Star Pattern—1331
  • Strawberry Cow—4053
  • Turtle—2201
  • Unicorn—4555

How Do Boba Story Lid Game Codes Work?

When customers purchase a boba drink, they receive a lid with a unique code printed on it. They can then scan the code using their phone’s camera or a QR code scanner app. Once the code is scanned, the customer is directed to a webpage or app where they can access the game.

The games can vary depending on the boba shop’s preferences. Some games involve collecting points by tapping on the screen or completing challenges, while others may involve a virtual reality experience. Regardless of the game, customers can enjoy playing it while sipping on their boba drink.

FAQs About Boba Story Lid Game Codes

Do all boba shops offer boba story lid game codes?

No, not all boba shops offer boba story lid game codes. However, it is becoming more popular as a way to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

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